Reset Life, the app

The APP gives us advice, instructions, guidelines and exercises to:

  • Breathe correctly. It is our basic and essential function and in our life today,  full of contaminating agents, allergies etc. it is an absolute MUST.
  • Good eating habits.  90% of obesity and digestive problems are due to not breathing correctly while we eat and not chewing our food  properly.
  • Speaking/talking correctly. Communication is part of our day to day, if we breathe correctly,  we will hold the other person’s attention and communicate in a more effective way.
  • Good sleeping habits.   To rest while we sleep is essential to start the next day with energy and enthusiasm. Also, when we sleep,  we register all our learnings of the day.

This method can be used by any person as from 10 years of age and  provides execellent advantages to our lifestyle.

  • Children improve their concentration and avoid hyperactivity, allergies and many other illnesses.
  • Expectant mothers supply the necessary oxygen so that the unborn child can develop correctly and avoid illness, helping th future mother to relax and enjoy her pregnancy.
  • It helps adults to take the correct decisions and to have a better perception of our body and nature.  It helps develop our intuition and instinct.
  • It helps the elderly to learn how to meditate and looks after their immune system( which never ages) and strengthens it to avoid illness.